Cecilie Laubjerg Daugaard

PhD student
+45 3816 4426

Cecilie Laubjerg Daugaard graduated as MD in 2007 from The University of Southern Denmark. Post graduate she took the military training for Doctors in the Danish Military; was appointed Officer in 2009 and has been stationed in both Afghanistan and Greenland. Cecilie has years of experience in orthopedic surgery with a broad interest in the many different aspect of the musculoskeletal diseases. She has investigated the risk factors associated with mortality in patients with hip fracture. The manuscript was accepted for publication in ACTA orthopaedica and presented at the EFORT congress in 2012. She started her training in radiology in 2013, and plans to become a radiologist specialized in musculoskeletal diseases.

Cecilie started working at the Parker Institute in May 2016 where her research mainly focuses on imaging in osteoarthritis, especially MRI and CT where she correlates imaging findings with weight loss and symptoms. The thesis will primarily be based on a large randomized trial studying the effects of weight loss and Liraglutid treatment in overweight patients with knee osteoarthritis.