Cecilie Rødgaard Bartholdy

Physiotherapist, MSc
+45 38 16 41 61
+45 38 16 41 59

Cecilie Bartholdy received her authorization as a physical therapist in 2011 from the Metropolitan University College in Copenhagen. In the Spring of 2014 she completed her Master’s in Sports Science; specializing in sports medicine, at Lund University, Sweden. Cecilie started as a research assistant in October 2011 and has been responsible for various training programs including training patients with shoulder problems, patients with knee osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis for research. Moreover, Cecilie also examines various research participants in a range of relevant tests; including gait-analysis, pain-threshold and functional tests. As part of Cecilie’s Master degree she did her own project about stretching’s effect on pain sensitivity in healthy participants. Cecilie has been enrolled as a PhD student at University of Copenhagen since November 1, 2015, with a project about the association between inactivity among knee osteoarthritis patients and current treatments options. The supervisors are Marius Henriksen, Henning Bliddal and Henrik Gudbergsen.