Else Marie Bartels

PhD (Biophysics), DSc, Research Librarian DB
’Honorable Senior Researcher
+45 38 16 41 68
+45 38 16 41 59

Else Marie Bartels got her PhD in Biophysics January 1974 from University of Copenhagen and was awarded a DSc from Open University, UK, in 1990. She has worked as a researcher since 1974 at Copenhagen University, The Open University, UK, Oxford University, UK, Copenhagen University Library, and the Parker Institute. During her time at the library, she acquired in 2001 a degree in research librarianship and documentation science.

Else Marie Bartels came to the Parker Institute October 2008. Her main research field is in muscle and cartilage Biophysics, Biochemistry and Physiology, as well as in information search in Science and Medicine. She is an expert in the area of electric charge phenomena in the physiological stages in muscle, as well as in differences at cell level in diseased and healthy muscle. Studies into muscle and function in health and disease are still ongoing. She has earlier studied intervertebral disc in vivo and in vitro, and is at present looking into biomarkers for degradation of cartilage. Another field of interest is immune processes in inflammatory arthritis, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia, which are some of the focus areas at the Biochemistry and Physiology Laboratory. Another area of interest is pain treatment where she has looked into pain treatment in ancient medicine.

As an information specialist, Else Marie Bartels participates in developing metanalyses and is the designer of the search strategies applied. Else Marie Bartels has a pedagogical training for both secondary school and adults and is an experienced teacher at university level, as well as at school level. At the institute she is supervising students attached to the laboratory, as well as being a general counselor for PhD students in various aspects of the designing of research projects and articles. PhD:Eksperimentelle studier af latensrelaxationen i muskler. (An investigation into latency relaxation in muscles). DSc: Studies of the physiological states of cross-striated muscle with the aim of understanding the underlying processes of the changes from one state to another. Research Librarian D.B.: Fjernundervisning og undervisningsproblemstillinger på forskningsbibliotekerne i samarbejdet med universiteterne. (Distant teaching courses and problems related to this at the research libraries with special consideration of the courses aimed at the universities). Member of The Physiological Society and The Scandinavian Physiological Society. .